The Greater Baltimore
Black Chamber of Commerce
Our strength is in our numbers...our power is in our unity!


​​ Legislative / Public Policy Committee 
George Collins  443-424-2201
Veronica Wright  443-424-2201​

The Legislative Committee advocates on behalf of black owned businesses on various legislative topics impacting the business community.

a.) Encourage job growth by increasing the capacity of black owned businesses to become employers.
b.) Supporting small black owned businesses through legislation.
c.) Advocate on behalf of black and minority business enterprise whithin the local, state and federal government.

d.) Influence access to support the growth and development of our members businesses.

The Legislative Committee helps the Chamber navigate through all of the briefings, hearings, maze of laws, budgetary matters and procurement opportunities. Members have the opportunity to be involved by attending hearings, briefings and meetings with decision makers. During the legislative session, our committee is active speaking to legislators, state and local officials advocating on our behalf. Our committee ensures we are being represented and receiving the most up to date information on issues that matter the most to us. During the legislative session, GBBCC establishes relationships with state and local governments to remain informed of issues and opportunities affecting your business interests.

Our Vision:

Marketing Committee
Kendrick Tilghman   443-424-2201

The Marketing Committee is vital to the chamber and serves dual capacity to promote our chamber’s brand equity and to increase our member's visibility and recognition within the black community.

Our Vision:

a.) Increase visibility, reach and influence of the chamber in the region.
b.) Increase the visibility of our members through our event programming and through our online publishing channels.
c.) Forge strategic partnerships with companies and entities, collaborate to provide our members with marketing exposure.

Membership Committee
Christopher Green  443-424-2201
​Aiesha Dorn  443-424-2201

Our Membership Committee is driven to serve our members. We are focused on providing our members the necessary tools to increase their visibility and influence within the diverse African American community by recognizing and leveraging the key assets from our talents in the business world.

Through our established partnerships and strategic alliances, our committees work in tandem with other committees to offer resources designed to best serve the needs of our members. This ranges from setting the platform for the growth of black-owned businesses, to expanding your network infrastructure, procurement opportunities, partnerships, leadership, education and training.

Business Development Committee
Debra Greene  443-424-2201
Frank Wilson  443-277-5531

Our Business & Economic Development focus is the facilitation and creation of business opportunities and resources for black-owned businesses, fostering business growth that results in increased employment of city residents, reinvestment in and sustainability of predominantly African American communities.
Our Vision: 

To create a vibrant black business ecosystem in the Greater Baltimore area through partnerships, collaboration and business opportunities in the private sector and local, state and federal government agencies.

Programs, Events & Fundraising
Beverly Williams 443-424-2201
Patricia Newby 443--424-2201

Programs and Events
The Programs and Events Committee’s mission is to educate and facilitate connections to our members through events such as, but not limited to, forums, networking events, educational and trade missions in order to improve our members’ business and professional success in the state of Maryland and nationally.
Our Vision:

To provide our members with meaningful events and educational forums to enhance the growth and success of their businesses.
This committee oversees the development of the Annual Fundraising Plan – and tracks the planned vs. actual results during the year.  The organization’s Fundraising Committee engages the support of the Board in various parts of their Fundraising Plan. They explore potential, new fundraising activities as part of the strategic planning process. Special Events Subcommittees can be established as part of this committee when appropriate.
Our Vision:

To conduct fundraising events that will be effective in allowing our chamber to be fiscally sound and visible to the community at large.