The Greater Baltimore
Black Chamber of Commerce
Our strength is in our numbers...our power is in our unity!
Member Benefits

Join the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce in its endeavors to enhance the black-owned business ecosystem in the Greater Baltimore region by becoming a member, a resource partner or a sponsor. ​​

Business & Economic Development

Cultivate new industry relationships.

Partner with other entities that share our mission to develop and grow Black-owned businesses and empower the African-American community.

Host and co-host events with Resource Partners, member organizations, the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Black Chamber to enhance business opportunities for Black-owned businesses.

Engage in activities that Influence and inspire Economic Development in the Greater Baltimore Region.


​​Acces to Capital
Technical Assistance
Cost-effective Marketing
Black Business Directory
Business Networks & Forums
Access to Black-owned Businesses, Black
Entrepreneurial & Business Development Training 
Organizations, Black News and Entertainment

Legislative Advocacy

​​The GBBCC provides its members with a Voice in the political arena through:

Our bi-partisan relationships with public officials.

Tracking and monitoring legislation that impacts black-owned businesses.

Collaborations with the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce and other key stakeholders.