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December 1, 2021

Special Secretary Jimmy Rhee

Message from Special Secretary Rhee

As Governor Larry Hogan noted in a recent update to Marylanders, we have a great deal to be thankful for. Our state continues to be one of the most vaccinated states in the country and boosters are available to all adults. There are no supply chain issues with vaccines or boosters. They are readily available to anyone who wants or needs them. With news of the Omicron variant captivating the headlines, it appears we will spend another holiday season with COVID at the forefront. Please remain diligent in your efforts to protect yourself and those you celebrate with throughout the holiday season. I echo Governor Hogan, and am thankful that Maryland continues to have one of the strongest health and economic recoveries in America. I, too, am thankful for the doctors, nurses, first responders, and all of the health care heroes who have helped us ensure that no arm is left behind in our statewide vaccination efforts. Thank you for staying Maryland Strong this holiday season.


Jimmy Rhee
Special Secretary

Danielle Davis

Meet Danielle Davis

We are pleased to welcome Danielle N. Davis to the Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs. Danielle will serve as Maryland's first Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise (VSBE) Compliance Manager. In this role she will collect and analyze performance data, implement best practices, and facilitate training to internal and external stakeholders. She will also enforce regulations in all aspects related to VSBE compliance, recommend strategies for improving overall performance, and lead outreach efforts to engage more veteran entrepreneurs in the VSBE Program. Danielle joined state service in 2010 and has held several positions at Bowie State University, her alma mater, most recently as a financial aid manager. She comes from a military family and currently resides in Anne Arundel County. Welcome Danielle! 

keyboard chairs webinar

Technical Training Classroom

We have two great sessions of our Technical Training Classroom webinar series in December. Register today and join us for both. It will be time well spent!

12.7.2021 @ 10 am
Are you looking to improve your business development strategies? Many businesses find it extremely challenging to adjust business development strategies throughout the year and may experience declining revenues as a result. Join us as we look at ways to position your business for success as you prepare for the new year. We will examine various case studies and identify ways to build contracting revenues in the coming year by utilizing strategies such as aggressive vs. organic growth, changes in business development tactics, and effective prime contracting, subcontracting and teaming opportunities. We'll also address common mistakes and how to avoid them. Advance registration is required. 

Positioning For Success In The New Year: Strategies For Business Development

12.9.2021 @ 10 am
Do you understand how the State of Maryland buys its goods and services? Spending taxpayer dollars requires an open and transparent procurement process. Vendors who Know Your Customer and understand these policies and procedures can compete with greater confidence. This session includes insights on how to determine what agency is buying your products or services, identifies purchasing thresholds and commonly-used contracting vehicles, and explores techniques to mine public data as a business intelligence tool. 

Know Your Customer


Business Events

Stay connected to the many opportunities for training, networking, and business development that are taking place across Maryland and on virtual platforms. Here is a highlight of some of the events coming up this month. Check out the full listing of small business events online at goMDsmallboz.maryland.gov

12/07/2021 - Positioning For Success In The New Year - Strategies For Business Development
12/09/2021 - Know Your Customer
12/09/2021 - Permitting: You Don't Have To Do It Alone
12/09/2021 - Small Business Essentials Webinar Series: Creating a Quick Business Plan
12/15/2021 - Small Business Essentials Webinar Series: Developing Your Marketing Plan
12/16/2021 - Small Business Essentials Webinar Series: Promoting Your Business
12/17/2021 - Small Business Essentials Webinar Series: Developing Financial Projections

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Happy Holiday

Maryland is OPEN for Business. As a coordinating office for Governor Larry Hogan, the Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs connects small businesses, including those owned by minorities, women, and veterans to greater economic opportunities.  Learn more by visiting our website at goMDsmallbiz.maryland.gov and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @goMDsmallbiz.

Maryland State Directory of New Hire


Report new hires

Employers must re-report returning employees as new hires.

All new and returning employees must be reported within 20 days of hire or returning to work.

New hire reporting helps children and families get the child support they need. 
It also helps detect fraud in the unemployment system. 

Reporting new hires online has many benefits:

  • Fast and secure online entry or upload
  • Reports are more accurate, reducing the need to resend reports later

  • It's FREE! No more paper, postage or other material costs!

The Maryland State Directory of New Hire is available to take your new hire reports via our website MD-newhire.com

Phone: (888) 634-4737 | Fax: (888) 657-3534


State of Maryland Financial Resources & Services 

Department of Human Services Resources & Financial Assistance



The Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) is the state’s primary social service provider. Our mission is to aggressively pursue opportunities to assist people in economic need, provide prevention services, and protect vulnerable children and adults.

DHSs website, https://dhs.maryland.gov/, hosts a wealth of information about the agency’s many services and programs, as well as additional resources, for Maryland families and individuals in need of assistance:

• DHS offers several financial assistance options to support individuals and families experiencing trying times. If eligible, you can receive cash assistance for rent, utilities, and many other emergency financial burdens.


• You do not have to weather the tough times alone. DHS services include, financial, medical, and more. Learn more at  https://dhs.maryland.gov/weathering-tough-times/.

• The Department of Human Services is providing updated information to Marylanders regarding our services, operations, and other important resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay informed by visiting our Coronavirus Covid-19 Resources web page at https://dhs.maryland.gov/coronavirus-covid-19-resources/.

myDHR/myMDTHINK Consumer Portal

Marylanders can get information, apply for DHS programs and services, and check the status of applications online at  mydhrbenefits.dhr.state.md.us/dashboardClient/#/home

SupplementalNutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, helps low-income households buy healthy food. Click here to download the Income Guidelines. Apply online: Go to https://mydhrbenefits.dhr.state.md.usPeople who have little or no money may qualify for SNAP benefits right away.
TemporaryCash Assistance (TCA) TCA provides temporary cash assistance to families with dependent children. TCA also prepares participants for independence through work programs. Click here to download the Income Guidelines. Apply online: Go to https://mydhrbenefits.dhr.state.md.us/ to file your application.
Officof Home Energy Assistance Programs (OHEP) OHEP offers help to Marylanders who are facing potential energy shut-offs or having difficulty paying their energy bills. You do not need a turn-off notice to qualify for assistance; eligibility for energy assistance is based on your income. Please also contact your Local Home Energy Program Office at https://dhs.maryland.gov/office-of-home-energy-programs/local-home-energy-program-office/  to speak to a dedicated OHEP specialist who will guide you through all your options for energy assistance. Learn more about energy assistance at  https://dhs.maryland.gov/office-of-home-energy-programs/
Emergency Cash Assistance to Families with Children (EAFC) EAFC provides cash assistance to families who have at least one child under the age of 21 living with them, and need emergency paying rent, utilities, or other urgent bills. Apply online: Go to https://mydhrbenefits.dhr.state.md.us/ to file your application.

 Full PDF Download: State of Maryland Resources.pdf

Baltimore City Procurement Database- Interested in doing business in Baltimore? Click here to learn how you can be a city contractor. 

Anne Arundel County Procurement Database- Anne Arundel County has their new contractor database up and running. This database will be a resource to all the agencies when looking for small businesses for procurement opportunities. The Anne Arundel County eProcurement system will be known as P.O.R.T. (Procurement Operations Resource Technology). Click here to learn more. 

State of Maryland Procurement Database- EMMA is the new E Maryland Marketplace Advantage website for procurement opportunities. You can see contract opportunities and contact instructions to help you get connected to the right people. Click here to learn more

MDOT Certification- Ever consider doing business with the State of Maryland? If you have plans to grow, the certification process could open up new opportunities for new revenue. Click here to learn more.

Baltimore Demographics- Ever wonder where to find info on demographics in Baltimore? Click here to see this summary by the Census Bureau.

Maryland Wealth- Interested in seeing stats on Maryland's wealth and its tax revenue for each city and county? Click here to view the report from the Department of Legislative Services Office of Policy Analysis.

Connect with City Leadership- Want to attend a Board of Estimates meeting or Baltimore City Council meeting to hear from our elected officials? Check out the schedule at: http://www.baltimorecitycouncil.com/complete-calendar

U.S. Economy- Interested in how the U.S. economy is doing? Here is the most current information from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: https://www.bea.gov/news/glance

Maryland Sick and Safe Leave Information
-by Janice Walker-Emeogo

The law states that leave accrues at the rate of one hour for every thirty hours that an employee works. An employee is not entitled to accrue sick and safe leave during (1) a 2 week pay period in which the employee worked fewer than 24 total hours; (2) a 1 week pay period if the employee worked fewer than a combined total of 24 hours in the current and immediately preceding pay period; or (3) a pay period in which the employee is paid twice per month and worked fewer than 26 hours in the pay period. The leave hours provided for under the law are the minimum number of hours an employee is entitled to earn and accrue. An employer may provide more leave for its employees.

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